Katina Giesbrecht

Katina Giesbrecht

Katina Giesbrecht - Remembering MonetMay 5, 2016
7:30 pm to 9:00 pm

“The Mystery of Monotypes”

If you want to create a surprising and truly one-of-a-kind work of art, monotyping may just be your method. As part of the Thursday Artist Talk series at the Surrey Art Gallery, Surrey artist Katina Giesbrecht will explain this unique printmaking process and give you an opportunity to make your own. “Mono” is a Greek word meaning “one,” “single” or “only”, and monotyping produces one-off pieces that can’t be replicated. Pieces are created by manipulating paint or inks on a work surface, then transferring the paint and design to paper by applying pressure by hand or by press. Giesbrecht says, “Monotype art is filled with spontaneity as each print pulled yields a delightful surprise.” She adds that this is a great medium from beginnings to experienced artists and everyone in between.

Katina Giesbrecht - Monotype Tranquil Winterland

Katina Giesbrecht - Monotype Taupe Landscape

Katina Giesbrecht works in a variety of media including drawing, painting, collage and monotype. She has a BA in Applied Design from Kwantlen University. In this fast-paced and high tech world, Katina desires to find peace through her artful expressions. Her artwork often features calm colours or the juxtaposition of layers. She seeks to create pieces where she can imagine herself resting or pausing near. Katina has exhibited in the Lower Mainland. In addition to her own art work, she founded and leads an Artist guild in Cloverdale that seeks to provide artistic community, inspiration, and support to artists of all skill levels and backgrounds. She is also a member of the Surrey Art Gallery Association. Visit her website, www.katinagiesbrecht.com.

There will be time for questions and conversation during and following the talk. The event concludes by 9pm. Refreshments are provided.
This event is presented by the Surrey Art Gallery Association in partnership with the Surrey Art Gallery, and with support from the Arts Council of Surrey.

Cost: Free