Jenn Williamson

Jenn WilliamsonJune 2, 2016
7:30 pm to 9:00 pm

“Discovering your artistic Voice”

Can you be an artist if you don’t like drawing? If you struggle with perfectionism and anxiety? Langley artist Jenn Williamson says, “Absolutely!” Join her for this Thursday Artist Talk called “Discover Your Artistic Voice” on June 2 at the Surrey Art Gallery. She’ll share how she “discovered” she was an artist and discuss how trusting your intuition can be healing and lead you to find your own artistic voice. With humility and humour, Jenn will give the lowdown on the good, the bad, and the ugly of being an artist.
Jenn Williamson - Black - White Seascape

Jenn has taken a path that has been unconventional. Not only is she a professional artist, but she is also a businesswoman, entrepreneur, wife, and mother. As you hear her speak of the twists and turns her life has taken, you will find yourself gaining a new appreciation for your own journey.
Jenn Williamson - Heavens Declare

Jenn Williamson paints abstract and impressionist scenes. Her first art show was in 2011 and this past April, she exhibited her work in New York. A fascination with texture has motivated Jenn’s pursuit of unconventional training and the acquisition of products not yet discovered by mainstream artists. Her unique painting style is a striking convergence of refined texture, exquisite colours, and luxurious patinas. She allows intuition to guide her creative process and does not rely on reference photos to inspire her work. Find out more on her website,
Jenn Williamson - Landscape

There will be time for questions and conversation during and following the talk. The event concludes by 9pm. Refreshments are provided.
This event is presented by the Surrey Art Gallery Association in partnership with the Surrey Art Gallery, and with support from the Arts Council of Surrey.

Cost: Free