Billy Knutson

billy-knutsonSeptember 10, 2015
7:30 pm to 9:00 pm

Music has a way of breaking down barriers. On Thursday, September 10 as part of the Thursday Artist Talk series, join drummer Billy Knutson for an evening of discussing & practising RhythmWellness. This form of recreational music making removes the challenging learning curve by using accessible percussion instruments, creating a fulfilling experience for everyone. Billy Knuston says, “Rhythm is as ubiquitous as gravity, acting on us for good or bad, regardless of our awareness of it.” After an evening with Billy, you will become more aware of it and learn how rhythm and music helps us relate, listen, and build community.

About the Artist
Billy Knutson started in the health and fitness industry twenty-eight years ago and founded Functional Fysical Fitness inc, a Total Wellness Company in 1998. He combines a wide variety of studies and experience aimed at the integration of the whole person and community. He is a Personal Trainer, Lifestyle Coach, and Drum Circle Facilitator. Billy discovered the power of group rhythm and drumming in 2005 and, since that time, has immersed himself in a variety of musical and drumming studies, for individuals and groups. He has completed Remo’s renowned HealthRHYTHMS program and the certification program with Village Music Circles. He also studies regularly with professional drummers from West Africa, Uruguay, and Cuba. Visit his website:

There will be time for questions and conversation during and following the talk. The event concludes by 9pm. Refreshments are provided. This event is presented by the Surrey Art Gallery Association in partnership with the Surrey Art Gallery, and with support from the Arts Council of Surrey.