Art Together

September 7, 2017 ~ 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm

Young artists from Art Together will present an open studio to share their practices.

Karen Cancino, Wendy Dee Collins, Gemma Lazarich, Michelle Mendoza, and Dominique Wakeland will give talks and show artwork samples. The event will be moderated by Gallery Engagement Assistant Charis Au.

The evening begins with Gemma Lazarich who will share her interest in drawing bald, big-eyed humanoids and in painting monsters and fictional portraits. She also experiments with building paper and felt flowers, binding notebooks, and sculpting miniature faces. Next, Wendy Dee Collins explores wordplay through visual mediums such as photography, graphic design, and 2D animation. Using her knowledge of technology, community engaged artist Karen Cancino combines a broad array of mediums from textiles and electronics to natural and synthetic materials. Current KPU student, Michelle Mendoza will share portraits of herself and others painted in an abstract and surrealistic style. To conclude the evening, Dominique Wakeland, an emerging theatre artist and spoken word poet, will share an excerpt from a work in progress.

There will be time for questions and conversation during and following the talk. The event concludes by 9pm. Refreshments are provided.
This event is presented by the Surrey Art Gallery Association in partnership with the Surrey Art Gallery, and with support from the Arts Council of Surrey.